Little Lunches Weekly Subscription

Little Lunches is making it even easier for you to eat a healthy, wholesome lunch on the busiest day of your week!

Simply select this the day of the week you would like your lunch & we'll take care of the rest. Each week the subscription lunch will change, perfect for people who aren't too fussy!
Subscription lunches will start the following week. -Click on 'How it works' to see all the details.

Little Lunches Weekly Subscription

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How it works

Your payment will be processed the day you have placed your order and the same day each week.

All subscription orders will start the following week. (Payments are made a week in advance)

Helpful tip: You can pause or stop your regular deliveries at any time through your account on our website.

This service is NOT available throughout school holidays so you'll need to pause the subscription throughout these periods - a reminder message will be sent as we approach each holiday. 
If you'd like to cancel your subscription please allow 14 days  for  your subscription to be terminated. You will still be charged for any lunches received in this time period.

How to pause your subscription:

To pause/resume a subscription on the storefront, please follow these steps:

1. Login to your account @

2. Enter your email, password & click sign in.

3. Select Manage Subscription

4. Under Subscription status, select Pause Subscription