How Does Little Lunches Work

How does Little Lunches work?

Orders are made by clicking the ‘order now’ button. Lunches are made fresh each morning & delivered to schools by lunch time & businesses by 1230pm. School orders require the child’s name & room number to be written in the comments box at the bottom of each order, business orders require the business address.  The lunches are to be collected from the designated collection point (usually reception) at lunch break.

How are Little Lunches packaged?

Lunches are delivered in brown paper bags & foods are separated & kept fresh in a variety of BioPak, Bioplastic & Biowrap packaging - All made from plants, not oil! All products are certified carbon neutral*

*As a responsible business we are doing our best to preserve & protect the environment at the same time as providing fresh, quality food.  The yoghurt is our only product that will remain in plastic tubs until we find a suitable alternative, we encourage you to re-use these at home or dispose/recycle responsibly.


 What do schools have to do to become registered with Little Lunches?

Nothing! Simply contact us & we’ll do the rest.

What time do orders need to be in by?

9am the day of delivery*

*Buddha Bowls, Sushi Smash & Scrumptious Salad need to be ordered by the night before the delivery date.

Is it ever too early to order?

Orders can be made 2 weeks in advance however please keep in mind our menu options do change regularly, if we are out of stock we will do our best to contact you to ask for your next choice.  

What time will Little Lunches be delivered?

Before lunch break for schools & between 1030am-1230pm for businesses.

How will orders stay cool?

Lunches are delivered inside Chilltainers which keep food cool & fresh.

Can I order multiple lunches at once?

Yes absolutely, simply make orders one by one then select ‘continue ordering’, when all your orders are made, choose the checkout option.


What if my school is not registered?

Please get in touch via our contact page so we can contact your school.  Alternatively you can bring it up with the principal / PTA who can contact us to give permission for us to drop off the lunches.

Do I need to login to make an order?

Yes, this is simple & quick & saves details to make future orders faster.

Why become a Little Lunches member?

When you’ve made an account, details are saved so future ordering is easy & fast.  You can also make the most of Little Lunch deals, such as buy 10 lunches in one transaction and get 5% off by using the discount codes shown on the home page.


Are Little Lunches nut free?

Yes. We do not use nuts in any of our snacks however there may be traces of nuts in the kitchen used to prepare some Little Lunches treats/dips. If you have a nut allergy please consider this before ordering.  

Are Little Lunches sugar free?

All menu options are completely free from or LOW in refined sugar.  Foods containing refined sugar have an * next to them when ordering from the drop down boxes.

Can I cancel my order?

Little Lunches understands that circumstances change! We are happy to reschedule your Little Lunch delivery for another day during the school term, when life doesn't go to plan. Just let us know before 8am the day of delivery & we'll do the rest.

I work in the Christchurch CBD, can I make an order?

Yes, absolutely! Get your colleagues on board & be a happier, healthier work place. 

Who do I contact if I have a compliment or a complaint?

It is really important to us that you’re happy with Little Lunches!

For feedback & suggestions please contact us via queries@littlelunches.co.nz